Thank for Your Mobile Phone!

Hello! my faithful reader. At this time i would tell you my experience when i desperate at night. Someday I went to my friend's house at Antapani for a group assignment. Antapani is very far from my house at Cibeureum the distance is 17 km. There is no public transportation in my friend's house.

So here's the story

One day, after school hour my english group and I had a discussion about our group assignment. My english group member is Alvaro, Aqila, Bela, Me, and Mustika. My english teacher assigned our group to do a short movie with a fairy tale theme. Our group is choose Hansel and Gretel story as a theme. Our group agreed to work our short movie at the house of one of our friends that located at Antapani or Tamimah's house. After we had a disscussion we went to Antapani with Aqila's parent with a car. Before went to Tamimah's house, we visited Borma Antapani to bought the equipment for our property. Alvaro and I was so confused because we didn't bring enough money and our mobile phone is low batt. So Alvaro and I decided to went back to our house and took some money, but our girls group member didn't consent us. So I felt desperate and did not enjoy our group work.

At Taimah's house. Without wait a long time, we getting ready our stuffs and memorize our dialogue.

Now the clock shows the number 6 PM. My mom and grandmother tried to call me, but they could not because my phone is discharged and I did not have a charger. So I tried to contact them by borrowing Mustika's phone. After borrowing Mustika's phone I directed call to my mother's phone. My mother asked me to went home before 8 pm. But my other group members forbade me to went home and told me to stay over because my house is far away. After a while we worked as a group, alvaro was decided to go home using gojek app. But when he orders the gojek there is no gojek driver available. I felt panic because it is the only way I could go home. I was very confused with the area of ​​the Tamimah's house whose course of winding and no public transportation passing. When the clock shows the number 7 PM. So I decided to order a gojek with Mustika's phone. And finally it turns out there is a gojek driver available. So I went home safely and money for the gojek I paid at home because I did not carry any money. I felt so grateful for Mustika's help, because of her I could back to home safely.

So that's is my Exeperience. Thank you!


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