What Will I Do Next Holiday!

Hello my faithful reader! How are you? At this time I will going to tell you my holiday plan. So read it until finish ok!

So here it is!

At Tokyo University
After school I met Fahmi at canteen.  At canteen we were talking about our holiday plan.

Fauzan : "Hi! Fahmi how are you today?"
Fahmi  : "I'm fine! Thanks."
Fauzan : "By the way next Desember we are going to take a winter holiday. What will you do next holiday?"
Fahmi : "In the next holiday I am going to meett my parents in Cianjur."
Fauzan : "Wow! What a nice plan."
Fahmi : "How about you, Fauzan?"
Fauzan : "In the next holiday I will meet my brother in South Korea."
Fahmi : "With whom will you do it?"
Fauzan : "I will do it with my parents. They will fetch me and we are going to meet my brother. how about you?"
Fahmi : "I will do it by myself, because my family lived in Cianjur."
Fauzan : "Why do you plan it?"
Fahmi : "Because I am missing my family at Cianjur. How about you?"
Fauzan : "I felt the same. I hope we are going to meet our family safely."
Fahmi : " I hope so!"

Thanks for read it until finish. I hope you like it!


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