At 30th September 2017, SMAN 3 Bandung held a event that named Gathapraya. This event is about indonesia culture. The event started at 12.00 pm and the gate closed at 04.00 pm. before I came to Gathapraya, I helped a research by UI student to do a test. The test started at 07.00 am and ended at 15.00.The test was very very confusing because, in the test I have to do a lot of test. After do the test I went to Gathapraya with my friends. At the gate of Gathapraya that located in Lapang Bali, I was showing my e-ticket. E-ticket is a electronic ticket, so you don't need to bring a physical ticket, you just bring your phone and open the e-ticket in your email. Before Gathapraya held the team will sent you a e-ticket to your e-mail that you had sent it to them. 

Inside Gathapraya I met with a lot of my old friends. After met my friends I bought a mac and cheese. The flavour that I choose is Liberty Complete. Inside the mac and cheese you can also ate a sausage and a mozzarella. The mac and cheese costs Rp 35.000,00, after ate the mac and cheese i was felt thirsty, so I decided to buy a drink. The drink that i bought is thai tea, the thai tea costs Rp 20.000,00. Besides that you can also bought another foods and drinks. You can also bought a takoyaki, mashed potato, fried rice, grilled squid, french fries, rice bowl, ice cream, yoshinoya, churros, pentol lada, o'thai tea, milk, lemonade, and many more. 

In Gathapraya you will saw 3 workshop. They were have 3 workshop. The gerabah workshop, the face painting workshop, and the street art workshop. The gerabah workshop was a workshop that made to people want to made a gerabah. Inside the gerabah workshop you could also saw a face painting workshop in this workshop you could paint your face with a beautiful painting. And the last one is the street art workshop, This workshop is a painting workshop, the painting process was recorded with a time lapse. 

First performance that I saw was performed with a one of the extracurricular that is KPA3 or an angklung, MK3 was collaborating this performance. They were performed a lot of song. One of the performed song is Ampar-Ampar Pisang. After KPA3 featuring MK3 performed,I was very happy after the show because the event very entertaining.


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