Hello! Stranger

Hello! My  faithful  reader. Today, I will tell you my story when I talked with a stranger who named Farros Nabil Fadlurrahman. I named this conversation is "Hello! Stranger". Because I said "Hello!" when I met this stranger at my vacation. So read this story until finish!

So here's the story.

One day in the morning, I woke up earlier than usual. I woke up earlier because on that day i would go vacation to Maldives. I didn't believe that i could go there, i got a free coupon to go to Maldives because i won a quiz at a travel magazine. I got two coupons to go to Maldives but it was only me who could go, because my parents was busy and my sibling was in a dorm.

In the first day, I woke up at 3 AM after woke up, i ate my breakfast, and took a bath. I already packed my stuffs a day before my take off day. After getting ready, I directly go to the airport. My airplane departed at 7:30 AM. And I arrived at Maldives at 10:30 AM

At Maldives Airport. i was confused because i didn't see my backpack. And then I met a kindhearted stranger so i asked him to help me.

Stranger : "Hello buddy! You look so confused. What's happened?"
Me : "Hello! I lost my backpack. My money and all my stuff is in there!"
Stranger : "Don't be panic. let's find it together!"
Me : "Oh thank you very much. You are so kind"
Stranger : "That's okay! We have to help each other"

After an hour looking for my backpack we still didn't found it. So we go to The information booth.

Me : "Excuse me sir! Did you see a green bacpack?"
Customer Service : "A green backpack? Do you mean this? (he show my green backpack)"
Me : "Yes! That is mine. Thank you sir! By the way how did you get my bacpack?"
Customer Service : "There was a man who accidentally brought your bag"
Me : "Oh! Thank you for keeping my backpack safe"

At 1 PM

After I found my backpack the stranger and I went to coffee shop. I treated him a cup of coffee for give a thanks. At the coffee shop we introduced each other.

Me : "We haven't known each other yet. What is your name?"
Farros "My name is Farros, and you?"
Me :"My name is Fauzan. You can call me Ocan. Farros, by the way we were at the same airplane right?"
Farros : "Yes! we were at the same airplane. our airplane flight from Jakarta."
Me : "You look so mature. How old are you?"
Farros : "I am 19 years old. How about you?"
Me : "I am 17 years old"
Farros : "Where do you live?"
Me : "I live at Jalan Katalina 3, Bandung. How about you ?" 
Farros: "I live at De Green Grande B7, Bandung."
Me: "Oh ! You live in Bandung too. Can you speak sundanese ?"
Farros: "Tiasa atuh urang sunda mah kudu tiasa nyarios sunda."
Me : "Leres, kudu ngalastarikeun budaya ti karuhun !"
Farros: "By the way, why you went to Maldives ?"
Me : "I won a quiz at traveling magazine and I got a free ticket for 3 days holiday at Maldives. How about you ?"
Farros : "I went to Maldives because the scenery in Maldives is very beautiful."
Me : "What is your favourite colour ?
Farros : "My favourite colour is brown. How about you ?"
Me: "My favourite colour is light green that's why I bought this backpack."
Farros : "I like green colour too because it can make me feel more relax."
Me : "Hmm, What time is it now?"
Farros: "it's about 16.30 now. What's wrong ?"
Me : "I'm sorry, I have to leave you now. I need to check in at hotel before 18.00."
Farros : "Oh that's okay. Nice to meet you."
Me : "Nice to meet you too."

So that is my short conversation with a stranger. Thank you very much for read my blog! I hope you like it.


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